Shrishti Choudhary

Student at Macquarie University, Australia

"TCS is all about a world class education and the best pool of teachers. The school transformed me as a person by installing self confidence and motivation to face subjects that I dreaded most before I joined this school (MATH). Today I am a proud student of this school, currently in my penultimate year of post graduation degree in Actuarial Science from Macquarie University (under IFOA, Australia). I’m grateful for the abundant guidance and support that I received throughout my school life from all the teachers!"

Abhivyakti Prakash

Senior Legal Counsel, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Kolkata

"My stint at The Cambridge School was truly life altering! The friends I have made in Cambridge are not just from very distinct backgrounds and countries but the exposure to such a diversified fraternity was an immense boost to my confidence and thought-process. The student-teacher ratio in classrooms resulted in deep and personal bonds with each teacher and their contributions have been significant in my personality development in those formative years. I am grateful to The Cambridge School not just for the exceptional educational experience but for shaping me as a well-grounded individual."

Prapti Kamath Walia

Cluster Marketing & Communications Manager, DoubleTree Suites

"Prior to joining TCS I was in another school. I was made to feel that I was generally bad at everything and should quit school and take up vocational training. I had nearly given up on getting anywhere in life and that’s when I came across The Cambridge School. TCS gave me a new outlook in life and the confidence that I could in fact succeed. I am grateful to TCS for giving me my self-confidence back and setting me on the right path to success."

Dr. Swarnava Biswas

Lecturer in Finance, University of Bristol, UK

"In TCS I learnt a new way of learning which is psychologically less taxing, more enjoyable and yet, still rigorous. The emphasis is on internalising knowledge, as opposed to simply gathering it for the sake of sitting exams. Indeed, the Economics module that I took in TCS has played a key role in me pursuing my Finance PhD and therefore affected my life in a truly profound way."

Adhyayan Negandhi

Entrepreneur and Managing Partner of Transmarinus India

"There are certain times in everyone’s life, that they look back to for moments of strength and resolve. TCS forms a bulk of those memories for me. From my formative years, the guidance and mentorship till date gives me the self resolve to strive for success."

Sarjeel Yusuf

Student at Bilkent Üniversitesi

"I chose The Cambridge School over other international schools in Kolkata because of the warm atmosphere within the institution. The school was not my first option, but it was my final choice simply due to the faculty and quality of learning that I was exposed to. I truly believe that I am where I am now thanks to what I learnt here."

Syeda Tashfia Sadaf

Working at Provincial Government of Canada

"I won’t touch all the amazing qualities spoken about the school already, but among many of these qualities that my school ‘The Cambridge School’ has to offer, I have to emphasize on its endeavour to prepare its students for the real world. The years spent as a student in this school really helped re-structure the basic traits of my character, something I only realized as time passed by. I wanted to shine bright which then went against my timid, low-confident self. I didn’t know what I needed to adhere to be who I wanted to be, but to my very surprise my teachers did. By exposing me to meaning friendships, helping me think out of the box and teaching me to stand up for myself, I have gradually become ME, who I adore."

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