Scholarships & Awards

The Cambridge school offers four Scholarships honouring the school’s most academically distinctive students. The winner of each of these scholarships has his or her Academic Fees waived for one year. In addition, the School awards various prizes and merit certificates to students for both academic and co-curricular achievements.

  • The Churchill Scholarship in Humanities

    Awarded to the student scoring the highest marks in the Class XI final examinations in the Humanities stream.

    Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, politician, prime minister, statesman, historian, painter and littérateur. The only politician to have ever won a Nobel Prize for literature. The Cambridge University in a unique act named a college after him, Churchill College, during his lifetime. The best tribute ever paid to Churchill came from President Kennedy who, while anointing Churchill the first honorary citizen of America, said, In dark days, and dark nights, when England stood alone, he mobilized the English language and sent it to battle.

    • Winners 2003-2004 Jivraj Satya Singh and Shaunak Mitra
    • Winner 2004-2005 Jessica Rose Hilton
    • Winner 2005-2006 Shreya Sanghani
    • Winner 2006-2007 Samiaa Rahman
    • Winner 2007-2008 Ayush Toolsidass
    • Winner 2008-2009 Siddhartha Bhattacharya
    • Winner 2009-2010 Anwesha Mazumder
    • Winner 2010-2011 Stuti Das
    • Winner 2012-2013 Kaung Kyaw Khine
    • Winner 2013-2014 Chungeun Cho
    • Winner 2014-2015 Not Awarded
    • Winner 2015-2016 Suchetana Sengupta & Napassorn Nawawongwiwat
    • Winner 2016-2017 Not Awarded

  • The Keynes Scholarship in Business Studies

    Awarded to the student scoring the highest marks in the Class XI final examinations in the Business Studies stream.

    John Maynard Keynes studied at Cambridge and later became a Don. He revolutionized the theory and practice of economics, published mathematical treatise, was a pillar of stability in delicate matters of international diplomacy, wrote commentaries on events of his day that contained unusually accurate predictions, was a patron of the arts, amassed the finest private collection of Newton’s writings, headed a life insurance company, made millions by trading in foreign exchange by studying The Financial Times for half an hour every day while in bed. The simple truth is that his talents flowed in every direction.

    • Winners 2003-2004 Kaushal Bengani and Siddhika Arya
    • Winners 2004-2005 Baksheesh Singh Chandhok and Sneha Mrug
    • Winners 2005-2006 Vidushi Bajoria and Keshav Bhajanka
    • Winner 2006-2007 Chandan Agarwal
    • Winner 2007-2008 Rohan Joel Satyavrata
    • Winner 2008-2009 Rohini Bhose
    • Winner 2009-2010 Sourish Ghosh
    • Winner 2010-2011 Pragyaditya Chandra Mukerjee
    • Winner 2011-2012 Jin Woo Lee
    • Winner 2013-2014 Radha Saikia
    • Winner 2014-2015 Not Awarded
    • Winner 2016-2017 Not Awarded

  • The Nehru Scholarship in Sciences

    Awarded to the student scoring the highest marks in the Class XI final examinations in the Sciences.

    Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, needs no introduction. Perhaps not a very well-remembered fact about his chequered career is that he took his BA degree from Cambridge University. The scholarship in Sciences is instituted in his name not only to pay homage to a distinguished Indian and Cantabrigian, but also in specific remembrance of his claim that the factories were the temples of modern India.

    • Winner 2003-2004 Soumava Bera
    • Winner 2004-2005 Akash Nemani
    • Winner 2005-2006 Ayush Jain
    • Winner 2006-2007 Rudrajit Banerjee
    • Winners 2007-2008 Deboleena Kanjilal & Fariha Imran
    • Winners 2008-2009 Nusrat Jahan & Promit Chatterjee
    • Winner 2009-2010 Raunaq Bagchi
    • Winner 2011-2012 Shiv Toolsidass
    • Winner 2012-2013 Vanessa Yen Cheng Li
    • Winner 2013-2014 Anusha Lihala
    • Winner 2014-2015 Bhaavya Malpani
    • Also co-awarded to Nayanika Sarkar & Jayanta Chatterjee
    • Winner 2015-2016 Young Kwang Ham
    • Winner 2016-2017 Suranjan Bhattacharjee

  • The Young Achiever Scholarship at IGCSE

    Instituted in 2008, this scholarship is awarded to the student/s showing the highest academic achievements at IGCSEs (Class X). Like other scholarships, all fees are waived for one year.

    • Winner 2007-2008 Nusrat Jahan
    • Winner 2008-2009 Raunaq Bagchi
    • Winners 2009-2010 Aditya Pradhan, Abhishek Agrwal & Nishant Agrwal
    • Winner 2010-2011 Sneha Das
    • Winner 2011-2012 Vanessa Yen Cheng Li & Promeet Goswami
    • Winner 2012-2013 Anusha Lihala
    • Winner 2013-2014 Bhaavya Malpani
    • Winners 2014-2015 Suchetana Sengupta & Young Kwang Ham
    • Winners 2015-2016 Suranjan Bhattacharjee & Amisha Jodhani
    • Winner 2016-2017 Tvisha Raggi Chatterjea

A number of cash awards which recognise student achievements in various academic and co-curricular areas as well as attendance, deportment and good behavior are awarded every year.

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