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21 November 2016 :

The Cambridge School Winterfest, the eagerly awaited annual affair, was held on November 19, 2015 at Uttam Mancha. As always, all members of the TCS Community - students, parents, teachers, administrators ,well-wishers came together to make the evening, like other years, a memorable one. The evening began with the Principal’s welcome address to the audience. Mrs Sunita Chowdhary began by saying that the Winterfest is now in its 14th year which naturally made every body at TCS feel proud to recall the distance we have traversed to reach where we are now! Mrs Chowdhary then welcomed our distinguished chief guest, Mr Anindya Chatterjee ,a leading member of the famous band Chandrabindoo, and presented him to the audience with a brief profile on Mr Chatterjee’s glittering career and a request to sing one of his popular songs. Our chief guest graciously obliged, a treat for the audience, no doubt. Next came the announcement about several important markers, both academic and co-curricular, at TCS for the 2016-17 term. These were: The successful transition to the April-March session, an increase in the number of the ongoing Remedial classes, the introduction of Food Studies and Travel and Tourism at A Levels, the collaborative projects with Allendale Columbia School, Rochester, NY, USA, and Upper Iowa University, and the TCS magazine website has been fully developed to enable students to have their own pages to showcase their own talents and develop skills in various creative fields and areas of interest. Next came the announcements for special cash prizes sponsored by parents and guardians for our richly deserving students which drew warm responses as they exhibited the generosity of the donors. The coveted TCS scholarships were then announced. After the welcome address the evening show began in earnest. The curtain rose on the much talked about and long awaited order of events. The first one to take the audience by storm was Rudyard Kipling’s timeless classic The Jungle Book, a perennial favourite with both children and adults. Our students from classes Nursery to Class 8 were the participants .Two of our young scholars presented the show with such élan as to put seasoned presenters to shade. The clear diction, the lively tone whetted the appetite of the members of audience for a showstopper and they were not disappointed. The inhabitants of Kipling’s tropical jungle exploded on stage in a flurry of songs, dances and acrobatics which took everyone’s breath away. It was a riot of colours with an eclectic mix of ear-splitting animal howls and roars as well as catchy ‘fusion” music. A robust production, displaying how much the children enjoyed the activities; the world was their stage and they the star-players. A stunning show with a bagful of highly gifted young students. The next item was presented by students from classes 9-12, no less remarkable than the first in that after the sound and fury of animals with human qualities we had dehumanisation as a theme - humans out to destroy humanity. The science fiction play R.U.R by Karel Capek, a complete contrast to what had gone before, took the audience first by surprise followed by appreciation. Our young students showed great ability in bringing alive on stage the dark, ominous underbelly of Capek’s landmark play that remains highly relevant to our times, our lives. The way this complex play about scientific materialism aiming to create a godless, sterile world ‘peopled” with robots was handled and put on display by the actors was most commendable. Kudos to them! The last item on the agenda was a farewell song and dance number chosen and choreographed by the A2 students to express their feelings about their school and the company of friends as the time for parting ways loom near. E and touching, it was a fitting finale to the evening festivities in more ways than one. With this the curtain came down on this year’s edition of our Winterfest. The wait begins for the next year with the hope that it will get even better. As always, we thank all members of the TCS community for the titanic effort made to make this year’s Winterfest a thundering success.

5 December, 2015 :

The Cambridge School Winterfest, the eagerly awaited annual affair, was held on December 5, 2015 at Uttam Mancha. As always,  students and teachers enthusiastically and tirelessly worked together  to present a production everyone would be proud of.  Indeed, it is hardly an exaggeration to say that it is getting better by the year. Classes Nursery to VIII participated in the programme  this year. An adaptation of Lewis  Carroll’s‘Alice in Wonderland’ was staged to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of the book. The programme got underway with Principal, Mrs Sunita Chowdhary's welcome address to the audience.  Mrs Chaudhary informed the audience about the shortened Winterfest this year due to the shortened academic year.  She also spoke of the new initiatives in this year such as  the introduction of Remedial classes in English and Mathematics, addition of new subjects and courses like Food Studies at A Levels and plans to introduce and Travel and Tourism next year at A Levels.  She also announced the launch of the online student magazine at which would be used to showcase student achievements and develop skills in many areas. She then introduced this year’s distinguished chief guest, Honourable Justice I.P Mukerjee, whose son Vinayak was a student here for several years. Justice Mukherjee was welcomed on stage by students who presented him with flowers and a token gift. In his speech Justice Mukerjee spoke warmly about the school’s success in inculcating love of subjects taught, and spoke of many distinguished alumni.  He also commended the high academic achievements of our students this year, foremost among whom is Anusha Lihala who has stood first in India in A Level examinations; a proud moment for Anusha, her parents and for all of us at TCS, as Mrs Chaudhary pointed out when she announced the prizes. The announcements for special cash prizes sponsored by parents and guardians for our richlydeserving students drew warm responses as they exhibited the generosity of  the donors. The coveted TCS scholarships were also announced.  This year’s winners – Suranjan Bhattacharjee & Amisha Jodhani in Class X, and Suchetana Sengupta, Napassorn Nawongwiwat & Young Kwang Ham at A Levels – were then awarded their plaques amid great applause. Prizes were also awarded to students who have been placed first, second and third in school examinations in Classes 5-10 and top scorers in individual subjects at A Levels. Then it was time for Alice and her journey into wonderland—a marvelous medley of music, dance and  play-acting. Alice meets many creatures who can sing, talk and dance but she does not find them unusual at all. The foot-tapping music rising above the booming voice of the maniacal queen in the land of cards  create magic on stage as our troupe of talented youngsters surround the stage and take  everyone to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. So Alice lives on and wanders in wonderland  in a spirit of joie de vivre. The curtains then came down on another spectacular show. We thank all members of the TCS community for the tremendous effort made to make this year’s Winterfest as roaring a success as it has been.

19th January 2015 :

The Cambridge School Sports Day was held on January 16, 2015. It was a cool and bright day and the excitement on the grounds was palpable. Mrs Sunita Chowdhary, Principal, opened the proceedings with a short speech. This was followed by the Junior and Middle schools showcasing three drill displays by Classes I and II, Classes III, IV and V and finally Classes VI and VII. The theme running through them all was physical fitness. The coordination by all the pupils was excellent with hand, legs and bodies moving in unison. The Junior and Middle School ‘fun’ races followed with Class I running to dress for winter, Class II balancing marble on spoons, Classes III and IV boys hopping with their balls and Classes III and IV girls gathering ice-cream sticks. The Primary School, Classes Nursery, Lower and Upper Kindergarten, was the show stopper, as usual. The well-developed movements of the toddlers was seen to be believed. Classes V, VI and VII, both boys and girls, ran sprints or ‘flat’ races after the primary drill display. They did this well. They were able to cover the stipulated distance at a good speed. At this point the Senior School, Classes VIII, IX and X, started with their ‘fun’ races, boys wearing their jackets and girls threading their needles. This was followed by sprints ending with an inter-class relay. Surprisingly it was not Class X but Class IX who were the winners of the inter-class relay. The ‘A’ level students, AS and A2, Classes XI and XII, followed the Seniors with their ‘fun’ races, boys wearing their jackets and girls walking backwards. The upper school students also ran sprints followed by an inter-class relay. The last item on the programme was a football match between the AS and A2 students. This is an annual feature and has established itself as a Cambridge School tradition. It was a six-a-side match which was keenly contested with both sides injecting considerable energy and expertise into the match. The game was won by A2, 1-0, on a penalty shoot-out. The morning passed quickly and pleasantly. There was good cheer and camaraderie all around with all sections of the school enjoying themselves immensely. Sports Day was a well-organised and enjoyable event.

1st Decemeber 2014 :

The Cambridge School Winterfest was held on November 29, 2014. It was that time of the year again when students and teachers came together to present a rich medley of performances. The theme this year was Mythology and Classics, presented through a number of songs and colourful dances.

The curtain went up punctually at 5 pm amidst breathless expectations from parents, their wards and guests. The auditorium was, as usual filled to capacity.

It began with the Principal, Mrs Sunita Chowdhary's inaugural address welcoming the chief guest. She also informed the audience about the change in our academic calendar this year and spoke about the high achievements of some of our students.

The Chief Guest this year was Mrs Monideepa Banerjie the veteran journalist and a TCS parent. Tvisha of class 8 presented flowers to her while Napassorn of Class 10 presented her with a gift. In her address Mrs Banerjie laid emphasis on our methods of teaching and was all praise for the school.

Prizes and scholarships were then distributed to deserving students. The Cambridge Brilliance Awards for India-toppers were received by Anusha Lihala for Computing and Subhalakshmi Basu for History this year.

The Junior School, Classes Nursery to III, presented Roma - the story of Romulus and Remus - founders of the city of Rome.

Classes IV to VII’s presented Troy - which showed scenes from the Trojan War.

The next ones to take the stage were Classes VIII, IX and X. They presented 'Candle Yin' - important events in Chinese mythology.

The evening concluded with the the AS and A2 classes presenting an adaptation of 'Alice in Wonderland' and a short skit on Martial Arts.

They also presented a variety of innovative dances. The dances were choreographed by the students themselves.

The enthusiasm, zeal as well as skills which were on display found instant response among the audience. The applause was deafening.

The curtains came down on another spectacular show by the hugely talented teams of TCS.

The high achievement would not have been possible without the collective effort of all concerned. We look forward to a repeat next year confident of even greater height of excellence.

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