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22 February 2018 :

Alipore Zoo Visit

TCS junior students packed in a trip to Alipore Zoo and an impromptu picnic there this week. Some student reactions:

Neerh Bijoy,Class 1: “I was wondering how the white tiger was balancing itself at the edge of the land and not falling into the water near him!”

Sara, Class 1: “The best thing I saw at the zoo was the peacock dancing gracefully with its feathers spread all around.”

Suryani, Class 2:“We had a wonderful day at the zoo. We saw many animals and we understood the importance of animal care.”

Kusharko,Class 2: “The visit to the zoo allowed me to see the beauty of the macaws, the parakeets and the cockatiels up-close!”

Aarush, Class 3: “My trip to the zoo was really very exciting. We became more aware of animal behaviour, care and conservation.”

Sohana, Class 3; “It was a treat to see the Royal Bengal Tigers named Payel and Rishi walking majestically in their enclosures!” 

Lilith, Class 4: “We were very eager to see the animals. We all screamed with delight when we heard the growls of the fiery lioness.”

Divyam, Class 4: “When we reached the lions’ enclosure, we saw the lioness sleeping. As we were babbling and shouting, the lioness woke up, looked at us and then nodded off again.”

Rena, Class 5: “When we went near the enclosure where the peacock was kept, a spectacular sight met our eyes. We saw the peacock dancing in full bloom and it was the most beautiful dance ever!”

Avantika, Class 5:“I saw the white tiger swimming in water and it reminded me of what nature could do. The fact that the zoos continue to capture animals from the wild to put them on public display hurts me. They lose their freedom and are cramped up in enclosures too small for them.”

16  Feburary 2018 :

TCS “Common Ground” Panel Discussion

The school hosted ‘Common Ground’, a panel discussion on Friday, 16th February 2018, at 6 pm, in association with The Telegraph, Young Metro.

The discussion will explore common ground among all stakeholders in a school community, particularly in the light of many recent events in schools.

The panelists are Mr Dev Lahiri – Educationist, Dr J R Ram – Child Psychiatrist, Mrs Sunita Chowdhary – Principal, TCS, Ms Paromita Banerjee – Child Rights Activist & co-founder, Diksha and Dr Kunal Sarkar – Moderator, Senior Cardio Thoracic Surgeon.


25 January 2018 :

TCS Students Visited JKLM

TCS students had an exciting time yesterday and today at The Junior Kolkata Literary Meet(JKLM) at the Victoria Memorial grounds. Here is a report with inputs from Roudra Chatterjee and Sparshi DasGupta of Class 8 and photographs by Debroop Ghosh and Debangshu Ghosh of Class 9.

The meet is co-curated with young readers for young readers, to appeal equally to both the reluctant reader and avid ones, through workshops, storytelling sessions, book readings, launches and meet-the-author programmes.

The session on 24th January began with Arefa Tehsin’s interesting anecdotes about animals in our backyard-the mongoose,the sparrow,the centipede,the snail,the lice and ofcourse “the super survivors-the cockroaches.

Next to follow was Bijal Vachharajani session based on her book ‘So you want to know about the environment”. Two short films “Sanctuary Asia” and “Nature in Focus” beautifully drove home the message that mother Earth needs nurturing for survival of humans.

Rupa Gulab brought in a lot of laughter with the reading session from her book Daddy Come Lately. The students had a wonderful time during the interactive session that followed. Our students took part in an impromptu but hilarious session of rap on stage.

The highlight of the day was of course the session with the iconic wordsmith Ruskin Bond. The all-time favourite storyteller took the students through the books he read as a child, his stories, his childhood and his schooldays. The Question Hour saw an interesting array of questions being asked by our students and some very candid answers from the master storyteller.

Urbi RoyChoudhury of Class 7 had written an article on “If I were a writer” for the Jottings@JKLM contest. Her article was selected for the contest and it was one of the few to be displayed on the Jottings@JKLM board at the Meet.

On 25th morning, first off was Natasha Sharma with Bonkers who enthralled the young crowd about Bonkers the dog who certainly drove people around him bonkers.

Devdutt Pattanaik with his new perspective of old epics made The Ramayana and The Mahabharata seem so relevant even in today’s world. His books The Girl Who Chose,The Boys Who Fought and Pashu made the epics seem so interesting

Raja Sen’s book launch-The Best Baker in the World was done by our own Akash Sriram of Class 6. It was indeed a proud moment when the author gifted his very first copy to the smiling Akash.

The Collaboratory:Writing as a Pair-the fruits of a four-month old workshop with students and authors were presented as wonderful pieces of prose and poetry on the theme of Independence .

The two-day event saw our students participate with enthusiasm and enjoy an event that has made its mark in the city’s literary calendar.

Grand parents hold a special place in the heart of a child. Their love and bed time stories are an integral part of a child’s growing years. As a mark of respect and affection for their grandparents,the children of Nursery,L.K.G and U.K.G celebrated Grandparents Day on 31st Oct,2017. The programme started with an address by our Principal Mrs. Sunita Chowdhary. A welcome song was sung followed by several songs and a dance by the tiny tots. Some of the children came up and spoke few lines about their grandparents. After them some of the grandparents also came up with short speeches which touched our hearts.

19 January 2018 :

TCS Winterfete Featured in The Telegraph

TCS Winterfete, held on 5 January 2018, was featured today in The Telegraph – Calcutta

19 January 2018 :

TCS Class 3 & 4 Assembly

Today, the children of classes 3 and 4 presented a short skit on mathematics. It was set in an imaginary city, called Digitopolis. Two children, Emma and Luna, suddenly found themselves in a place with lots of numbers, math equations and geometrical shapes.The characters- Equationer, Fractilina, Subtracter, Mathitude, Multidude, Adder-Boy- tried to explain the importance of maths in everyday life, in an amusing way.

At the end, the children sang the song, Oh Susanna by Stephen Foster.

15  January 2018 :

TCS French Word Power Awards

French Word Power has been conceptualized by Alliance Française de Rouen, France and  Prayatna Educational Society in order to help students excel in French vocabulary. The winners from the competition held in school are:

2nd SOUHRIDYO BOSE class 6
3rd GURMEHR KAUR class 6

15  December 2017 :

TCS Sports Day

Sports Day coincided with the last day of term today ~ TCS students participated in sprints, fun races, drills, pyramid formations, relay races and our traditional A2 vs AS level football match with great energy and enthusiasm. The weather helped, and parents and teachers joined in this fun-filled event! Check out some of the action and excitement:

12  December 2017 :

TCS Psychology & Sociology Workshop

Alex Snee of The University of Durham, U.K. visited TCS and conducted a workshop on ‘Are humans inherently prone to evil’ with our Psychology and Sociology students.

Here is what she said: “The students were incredible and really engaged throughout the process. They had some very in-depth answers and were happy to elaborate and explore some of their opinions. It was a real pleasure working with the students and supporting them in understanding the relevant issues.”

25 November 2017 :

TCS Winterfest 2017

The Cambridge School Winter fest, the eagerly awaited annual affair, was held on November 25, 2017 at Uttam Mancha. As always, all members of the TCS Community- students, parents, teachers, administrators , well-wishers worked tirelessly together to present the evening’s programmes, making it  a resounding success.

The evening began with the Principal, Mrs Sunita Chowdhary’s welcome address to the audience. In her speech Mrs Chaudhary mentioned that the Winterfest has been an annual event for 15 long years – showcasing our students’ immense talents, providing opportunities of interaction with parents and guardians and developing collaborations between teachers and students.

Next came the announcement about several important events, both academic and co-curricular , at TCS for the 2017-18 term.  These were:

A host of exciting co-curricular activities  introduced  this year in response to suggestions by  guardians which include Sports – Cricket and Football training and practice which has found a number of takers , Chess which helps develop focus and concentration,  Dance which is creative and entertaining,  and also highly effective in improving flexibility, physical strength and stamina in children .

Another hugely popular activity introduced this year is Robotics  imparting and honing  valuable skills – through which our students learn to simulate and then construct. There are plans, said Mrs Chaudhary, to add other important and useful activities like Self-Defence, Public Speaking, Yoga and 3D Printing.   She expressed the hope that these arrangements will go a long way providing a much-needed platform for students to develop a wide variety of skills.

Apart from the above there have also been important events like an Dengue awareness drive, Independence Day celebrations with the British Deputy High Commissioner, Model MUN and Grandparents’ Day. The TCS Talent Shows, held once every month have also turned out to be immensely popular. More such plans are in the offing. Exciting times ahead for all, indeed!

Efforts to improve the quality of education imparted at the school continue and to that end  Science 60 has been introduced in Middle  school, an innovative programme that brings Science to classrooms and allows young students to  conduct experiments  themselves.

In High School, Google Classroom has been introduced which allows for expansion of the class room beyond  physical limits and attempts to engage learners  through the Net.

TCS students continue to achieve excellent results at the Board examinations.

The  Video exchange programme with Upper Iowa University remains popular and remedial  English classes for Junior and Middle school have been ongoing. Mrs Chaudhary urged parents  to take advantage of such arrangements instead of  sending their wards for expensive, time-consuming private tuitions.

After these important announcements Mrs Chuadhary warmly welcomed Dr Rima Mukherjee, our chief guest for the evening and  introduced her to the audience with a brief profile on her outstanding achievements in the field of Psychiatry and Mental Wellness. Dr Mukherjee’s presence was indeed very welcome as she is a proud TCS parent and shares a bond with all of us at TCS.

After the welcome address  Mrs Chaudhary  requested Dr Mukherjee to award the prizes before the start of the show. The announcements for special cash prizes for our meritorious students sponsored by parents, guardians and well-wishers evoked loud applause as everyone in the audience acknowledged the generosity of the donors. The coveted TCS scholarships were also announced.

After the welcome address and the prize distribution the much awaited annual concert began in earnest. The curtain rose on the inaugural item of the evening, an adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s epic novel  Hobbit (The Battle of Five Armies), an item guaranteed to excite both the young and the not so young in the audience, presented with pomp and splendour by our students from Nursery to Class 8. It was a potpourri of riotous colours, movements that were both graceful and energetic and  music that combined the thunderous noise of battle with lively rhythm and lilting tunes, with  eye catching sets  forming the right back drop. The clear diction, the lively tone of the speakers and singers, the enthusiasm   of the young performers made it a showstopper and the inhabitants of Tolkien’s epic world of hobbits, elves, dwarfs and dragons exploded on stage.

The next item was presented by students from classes 9-12, an adaptation of   HG Wells’ famous science fiction The War of The Worlds, a story of a titanic battle between humans and invaders from the planet Mars, a battle that though won, shakes the people out of their complacency and forces them to regard the frightening prospect of destruction of their planet and realise that humans are  not  the most intelligent of beings. The actors performed with due seriousness in their effort to do justice to the theme, aided, like the first item, by elaborate sets and music.

Next on stage were some of our students singing the old school song. It was a rich experience listening to  the song and recalling the way TCS has evolved.

The last item on the agenda was a farewell song and dance number chosen and choreographed by the A2 students to express their feelings about their school and the company of friends as the time for parting ways loom near. Our students displayed awesome talent, the way they sang and played the instruments. The audience watched this short but worthy performance with awe and rapt attention before breaking into thunderous applause as the strains of “We had joy we had fun/we had seasons in the sun” drew to a close.

Overwhelmingly emotional and  touching.! A fitting finale to the evening festivities in more ways than one.

With this the curtain came down on this year’s edition of our End of Year production.

As always, we thank all members of the TCS community for the tireless work and gigantic   effort they made to make this year’s Winterfest, like other years, a huge success.

We wish everyone a wonderful Winter season and a Happy New Year!

23 November 2017 :

TCS Winterfest 2017 Practice

TCS students have been rehearsing for Winterfest~ our annual drama festival when prizes and scholarships are also announced. Young ones were thrilled to get their gifts ~ Here are some glimpses

14  November 2017 :

Childrens Day Celebrations

TCS students had a blast today, playing games arranged for them by the teachers, who also sang for the children!

6 November 2017 :

TCS Robotics Class

What makes a robot different from a machine in today’s age? TCS students are learning about the answer in their robotics activity class. They designed a robot – Rover – from scratch, and have also learnt how to program the EV3 brick – the brain of the Rover – to make sure it obeyed their commands. Controlling motor speed, power, and rotation by specific degrees, are some of the things they had fun with in the process of building their robots. Students will be building more complex robots over the next few months.

1 November 2017 :

Grandparents Day Celebrations

Grand parents hold a special place in the heart of a child. Their love and bed time stories are an integral part of a child’s growing years. As a mark of respect and affection for their grandparents,the children of Nursery,L.K.G and U.K.G celebrated Grandparents Day on 31st Oct,2017. The programme started with an address by our Principal Mrs. Sunita Chowdhary. A welcome song was sung followed by several songs and a dance by the tiny tots. Some of the children came up and spoke few lines about their grandparents. After them some of the grandparents also came up with short speeches which touched our hearts.

Games were played and grandparents competed with each other with twinkle in their eyes. Prizes were distributed to the winners.

This was followed by snacks. It was a special day for all those who attended the programme and for us,as it gave us a chance to interact with an age group that is most often overlooked. It was indeed a successful event and we look forward to many more.

13 October 2017 :

TGIF Talent Show Class IV!

The second one was held on Friday, October 13. The talented students of Class IV performed for their parents and for the students of Middle School. Lilith Inez Ortiz Etmanska enacted a Shakespeare drama scene, Somrit Mukherjee performed a song by playing the guitar and singing A Hundred Miles and  Koushani Mallick performed a beautiful contemporary dance piece.

12 October 2017 :

TCS cricket and football Sports Programme!

Sports3Students kicked off the sports programme this week with cricket and football ~ other sports to be introduced next year. Check out the vigour and excitement in the photos.


11 October 2017 :

TCS Class 2 First-Aid Box Making

First – Aid is an immediate medical help given to an injured person .

It is very important to maintain a first – aid box in hand at home and at school to save an injured person in case of emergency.

Children of class 2  learnt about the importance of first aid and they also made their own first – aid box independently in their E.V.S class.

21-22 September 2017 :

TCS Students Participated in a Model United Nations conference

TCS students participated in a MUN (Model United Nations) conference as they do every year. Here are some of the experiences shared by our student delegates:

“Shaky hands and quivering voice accompanied me on the morning of the MUN. Thankfully, the opening ceremony was delayed and long enough for me to settle down and gather my thoughts. The walk to the library (where the UNSC was being held) was one of trepidation. As soon as the Council began though, all anxiety gave way to the familiar confidence (even though this was my second MUN). Our council agenda was “Present Situation in the MiddleEast and not only did we have an attentive Executive Board, but they were also friendly and encouraging paving opportunity for neutral nations like ours (Oman) to speak. These two days were spent not only learning good debating skills and acquiring deeper knowledge of current world affairs but also learning how to be a good diplomat while keeping goodwill in tow.” Adira Das Roy

“Going to the MUN was really fun and educational. We were able to meet new people, observe and participate in different kinds of debates and discuss current world problems and their solutions which gave us new perspectives of the world outside the classroom.” Tvisha Chatterjea

“Representing The Cambridge School, Calcutta as the Head Delegate for the United Nations Security Council was a great experience with immense learning opportunities. I had to oversee each and every details in the events panned out over 2 days, right from the registration till the end when certificates were distributed. While representing Oman along with my co-delegate, Adira, I spoke about the yemen civil warsyrian civil war and the on-going economic crisis in Oman. During the debate, I learnt to put my thoughts together before debating and realized that I had to be a patient listener as well as be spontaneous to sharpen my thoughts to oppose the opponents in the discussions. I also understood that I had to be in control of the situation as a leader and think rationally and objectively to deliver any given task.” Ayaan Bhattacharyya

“It was a unique experience. There were frequent moderated discussions and crisis updates that kept it interesting until the last minute. We got a good idea of international relations and of how UN committees worked to solve crises.” Anuran Kar Gupta

18 September 2017 :

Our Students Featured In An Article In The Telegraph

15 September 2017 :

TCS TGIF Talent Show

The first one was held on Friday, September 15. The talented students of Class III performed for their parents and for the students of Middle School. Diptanu Chakraborty recited a Bengali poem, Sukumar Ray’s ‘Chor Dhora’, Anwesha Manna danced a Bharatnatyam composition to the ‘Mahaganapati’ sloka and Amanda Rebello danced a contemporary composition to the well-known song, ‘Watch me’.

This programme has been introduced in the Middle School to encourage students to develop extra skills by observing their talented contemporaries perform for them. This first programme served its purpose as many students were inspired and came forward to ask for the details of subsequent shows.

One Friday every month a TGIF Talent Show will be staged with a different class performing each time. Elimination rounds will be completed to decide who will perform at the show.

14 September 2017 :

TCS Nursery,KG Assembly Programme

The children of Nursery, LKG and UKG put up an assembly on the theme of ‘Happiness’. They recited rhymes and songs with actions and dance movements.Through their rhymes and songs they put across that happiness is the magic of life.

It can be achieved from simple things like having a healthy body and good food. Happiness comes from giving and sharing. The love of their parents and friends make them happy.

The flowers, birds and rainbows add to happiness.They danced and sang happy tunes and happiness showed on their faces.It was a wonderful show which made us all happy.

7 September 2017 :

TCS Class 1 “Love Your Pets”

Now a days children are mostly brought up in a nuclear family and by working parents. So , pets play a very important role in their lives. With their unconditional love they become one of their family members.

The little performers enacted two of their favourite poems We love Little Pussy and Mary had a little lamb.The two pets,Pussy Cat played by Hatice and the Little Lamb played by Sagnik , stole the show with their charm and innocence.

They ended the show by highlighting the fact that pets are living beings like us.So along with love , kindness, food, water and proper care should be given to them to keep man’s best friends happy and healthy.The show was highly appreciated and applauded by all. This boosted the confidence of the little ones.

31 August 2017 :

TCS Class 2 Assembly Performance

The students of class 2 put across the message that sharing and working together can fill our lives with happiness through their assembly.

They presented an old and popular folk tale, ‘The Stone Soup”. Amrita was the narrator, Aahitagni and Saina enacted the role of two travellers whereas the other students were the selfish villagers. The two hungry travellers convinced the selfish villagers to share the various ingredients to cook delicious stone soup. The villagers realised that sharing and working together can be fun and enjoyed the experience. The assembly concluded with two songs, ‘The More We Get Together and ‘Let’s Share’.

The performance of the enthusiastic children was applauded by all present and left a smile on their faces.

31 August 2017 :

TCS UKG Sandwich Making Activity

The children of UKG were taught about healthy food in their EVS class and learnt the names of vegetables that can be eaten raw.

This was reinforced with a sandwich making activity where the children were encouraged to make vegetable sandwiches. Food is an interesting topic to most children who love to eat.

Preparing independently what they are going to eat brought a smile to the little faces and made it a fun activity for them.

26 August 2017 :

Hands On Science Classes

Middle School students learning science hands-on.

Middle School students conduct new hands-on experiments that teach them various fundamental concepts in physics, chemistry, energy, statistics and manufacturing. The performance of the enthusiastic children was applauded by all present and left a smile on their faces.

As a result, theoretical concepts taught in classrooms come to life! Attached are some photos of our students conducting experiments and having fun while they are at it!

25 August 2017 :


The students of The Cambridge school witnessed another grand event in the world of IT the ‘TCS IT WIZ’ which in itself has become a brand now.

There were 7 teams each of two members.The students reached the venue at about 9:30 a.m and were registered. By 10:30 the prelims started where they had to write answers to questions asked by the host. The questions were of mixed level some quite easy some out of the box. Our students tried their best to answer the questions.One of the teams had a close call but they couldn’t make it to the final. After which there was a break and the final round was conducted where there were eminent guests from the hosting company and the chief guest was the director of IIT Kharagpur, Mr Partha Pratim Chakraborty. The event was a spectacular thing to watch especially with the performance of the Loyola school from Jamshedpur who ultimately won the competition. The quiz master for the event popularly known as ‘PICK BRAIN’ was remarkable in his job as always. Our students were very encouraged by the finalists and their performance. They enjoyed the day a lot and the exposure they got. It was a learning experience for them in a very innovative way. They have pledged to prepare themselves on a higher scale the next year.

24 August 2017 :

French Power Competition

On Thursday, August 24, 2017, some students of Classes 6 to 9 participated in All India French Word Power Competition organised by Alliance Francaise de Rouen in association with Prayatna Educational Society. This is the only French competition with International accreditation for school students in India.

Photograph shows TCS students taking part in the competition.

18 August 2017 :

TCS Independence Day Celebrations

On Friday, 18th August, 2017, seventy years of Indian independence was celebrated at The Cambridge School. Many drawings and charts were made on Indian independence by students from classes 2 to 7. Before the event started, the Indian flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest, Mr Bruce Bucknell, who is the British Deputy High Commissioner and the National Anthem of India was sung, proudly and respectfully by everyone.

After a brief introduction by our Principal, Mr Bucknell gave an interesting speech and encouraged children to work and study passionately. He also said that India has always challenged other countries with their great and rational ideas. He inspired students to keep questioning wrong ideas and wrong doers as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose did. The Chief Guest also gave seven saplings to seven Class 8 students. Each sapling marked one decade of Indian independence. Students from Classes 9 to 12 were honoured with Merit Certificates for writing excellent reviews on movies about Indian independence and national heroes.

The young students displayed an enthusiastic and colourful show infront of the Chief Guest, Mr Bucknell and The Cambridge School Principal, Mrs Chowdhary. The bright faces from Nursery to Class 5 danced, sang and displayed different Physical Education formations and marched past on songs like “Bharat Humko Jaan se Pyara hain”, “Saare Jahan se Achha”, “Yeh Mera India”, “Karar oi louho kopat.” Students from Classes 3 & 4 performed traditional dance on “O amar desher mati”. The Go As You Like show saw the students dressed up as Rabindranath Tagore, Lal Bahadur Shashtri and some of their other favourite Indian heroes. The children also spoke about their life and contributions to India’s independence.

16 August 2017 :


The U.S. Consulate General in collaboration with Prayasam organized a community film festival titled “Bad and Beautiful World”, which is aiming to highlight the social issues like human trafficking, gender based violence and peer pressure.. Prayasam is an NGO based in Salt Lake which trains students in film making and it’s other aspects of film making. It works under the moto of “youth for change”. The film’s shown to the students were short films made by the students of Prayasam. In total, eight short films were shown whose titles were as follows:

  • – Batil
  • – Chaal
  • – Chaal
  • – Chodoi Feburary (14th February)
  • – Dolachal
  • – Tanapoden
  • – Inamorta
  • – Chorabali

These films (except Batil and Inamorta) dealt with issues which teenagers face in their daily life, for example, peer pressure, relationship issues, confusion and the desire to become famous.

Batil dealt with the concept of how nowadays the young generation don’t value the older generation. They are seen as a burden on them and not a blessing. Inamorta dealt with the concept of smoking and suggested that how people easily fall in the trap by thinking that smoking relives them from pressure but in time it will actually relieve them of their life.

Some of the movies made by Prayasam would be premiering at Mumbai Film Festival. Another interesting point seen was that they have collaborated with Google who has given them tablets with the help of which they run “Tab Talk” and the young film makers go door to door for interactive sessions.

Overall it was a delightful experience.

7 August 2017 :

TCS Students Attend Physics Seminar at the American Center (By Suranjan Bhattacharjee A2)

The trip, on August 7th, 2017, Monday afternoon, commenced with Ms Basu and Mrs.Basu leading a troop of eighteen AS and A2 Physics students into the metro station.The ten minute ride wasn’t the most luxurious- rush-hour in Kolkata spares none! On reaching the American Center, we found our seats in the Lincoln Conference room, after a thick layer of security checks.

The speaker, Prof. Sandip Ghosal, a Fellow of the American Physical Society, began by greeting the audience and thanking the active organizers. Buttery pop-corn and refreshing orange soda was provided as snacks- this was secretly well appreciated by everyone in the room. Dr. Ghosal then spoke for the next ninety minutes on “Incredible Flying Machines: A Retrospective”, his enthusiasm for the topic well apparent from his tone.

The presentation was laced with demonstrations of a simple engine and a paper airplane; the audience enjoyed these. Interspersed with explanations, the talk went on from the flight of Icarus to right up to the modern times, projecting into the future. Particularly impressive were the concepts of the flying car, the bee spy robot and the robotic flying orchestra. The seminar ended with a warm smile and a gracious goodbye from Dr.Ghosal. A day well spent indeed!

3 August 2017 :

Hooway For Wodney Wat Play By TCS Class 3 Students

Today, the children of class 3 put on a short play, titled, ‘Hooway for Wodney Wat’. The play highlighted and explored bullying issues.

The protagonist of the play, Rodney, was consistently picked on and aggressively labelled by his classmates. Things changed when Rodney urged the meanest rodent in the class to leave school.

At the end, the children sang the song, ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’ by BJ Thomas.

27 July 2017 :


It’s raining………’s pouring. Yes, the rainy season is here. We all love rain. Not only does it make the earth fresh and green, it gives us relief from the scorching sun.

The children of Junior school welcomed the monsoon with a colourful and fun filled assembly. The quad was decorated with a beautiful rainbow, clouds, raindrops, umbrellas, puddles, mushrooms, frogs and paper boats made by the little ones in their craft class to enhance the essence of the season. They enthralled the audience with their dance, songs, speech and nursery rhymes based on the season. All were dressed up in blue and grey. Few of them wore raincoats to add flavour to their performance.

What a lovely show it was! Teachers were dressed in blue too to accompany the little ones. Finally the show came to an end with a song “Drip drop rain on my head”. In the beginning the children started their show with the line that rain fills ponds, lakes and rivers and we would like to conclude that today in the morning, at The Cambridge School, our children filled our hearts with their smile, laughter and enchanting performance.

14 July 2017 :

“In the bazaars of Hyderabad” By TCS Class 6

TCS class 6 students enacted the poem ‘In the bazaars of Hyderabad’ in the school today! Check out some photos below!

6 July 2017 :

Side Effects Of Food Preservatives And Food Colours by TCS Class 7

TCS class 7 students put up a nice and informative assembly on Side effects of food preservatives and food colours. Check out the photos below!

21 November 2016 :

The Cambridge School Winterfest, the eagerly awaited annual affair, was held on November 19, 2015 at Uttam Mancha. As always, all members of the TCS Community – students, parents, teachers, administrators ,well-wishers came together to make the evening, like other years, a memorable one.

The evening began with the Principal’s welcome address to the audience. Mrs Sunita Chowdhary began by saying that the Winterfest is now in its 14th year which naturally made every body at TCS feel proud to recall the distance we have traversed to reach where we are now! Mrs Chowdhary then welcomed our distinguished chief guest, Mr Anindya Chatterjee ,a leading member of the famous band Chandrabindoo, and presented him to the audience with a brief profile on Mr Chatterjee’s glittering career and a request to sing one of his popular songs. Our chief guest graciously obliged, a treat for the audience, no doubt.

Next came the announcement about several important markers, both academic and co-curricular, at TCS for the 2016-17 term. These were:

The successful transition to the April-March session, an increase in the number of the ongoing Remedial classes, the introduction of Food Studies and Travel and Tourism at A Levels, the collaborative projects with Allendale Columbia School, Rochester, NY, USA, and Upper Iowa University, and the TCS magazine website has been fully developed to enable students to have their own pages to showcase their own talents and develop skills in various creative fields and areas of interest.

Next came the announcements for special cash prizes sponsored by parents and guardians for our richly deserving students which drew warm responses as they exhibited the generosity of the donors. The coveted TCS scholarships were then announced.

After the welcome address the evening show began in earnest. The curtain rose on the much talked about and long awaited order of events. The first one to take the audience by storm was Rudyard Kipling’s timeless classic The Jungle Book, a perennial favourite with both children and adults. Our students from classes Nursery to Class 8 were the participants .Two of our young scholars presented the show with such élan as to put seasoned presenters to shade. The clear diction, the lively tone whetted the appetite of the members of audience for a showstopper and they were not disappointed. The inhabitants of Kipling’s tropical jungle exploded on stage in a flurry of songs, dances and acrobatics which took everyone’s breath away. It was a riot of colours with an eclectic mix of ear-splitting animal howls and roars as well as catchy ‘fusion” music. A robust production, displaying how much the children enjoyed the activities; the world was their stage and they the star-players. A stunning show with a bagful of highly gifted young students.

The next item was presented by students from classes 9-12, no less remarkable than the first in that after the sound and fury of animals with human qualities we had dehumanisation as a theme – humans out to destroy humanity. The science fiction play R.U.R by Karel Capek, a complete contrast to what had gone before, took the audience first by surprise followed by appreciation. Our young students showed great ability in bringing alive on stage the dark, ominous underbelly of Capek’s landmark play that remains highly relevant to our times, our lives. The way this complex play about scientific materialism aiming to create a godless, sterile world ‘peopled” with robots was handled and put on display by the actors was most commendable. Kudos to them!

The last item on the agenda was a farewell song and dance number chosen and choreographed by the A2 students to express their feelings about their school and the company of friends as the time for parting ways loom near. E and touching, it was a fitting finale to the evening festivities in more ways than one.

With this the curtain came down on this year’s edition of our Winterfest. The wait begins for the next year with the hope that it will get even better.

As always, we thank all members of the TCS community for the titanic effort made to make this year’s Winterfest a thundering success.

5 December, 2015 :

The Cambridge School Winterfest, the eagerly awaited annual affair, was held on December 5, 2015 at Uttam Mancha. As always, students and teachers enthusiastically and tirelessly worked together to present a production everyone would be proud of. Indeed, it is hardly an exaggeration to say that it is getting better by the year. Classes Nursery to VIII participated in the programme this year. An adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s‘Alice in Wonderland’ was staged to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of the book.

The programme got underway with Principal, Mrs Sunita Chowdhary’s welcome address to the audience. Mrs Chaudhary informed the audience about the shortened Winterfest this year due to the shortened academic year. She also spoke of the new initiatives in this year such as the introduction of Remedial classes in English and Mathematics, addition of new subjects and courses like Food Studies at A Levels and plans to introduce and Travel and Tourism next year at A Levels. She also announced the launch of the online student magazine at which would be used to showcase student achievements and develop skills in many areas.

She then introduced this year’s distinguished chief guest, Honourable Justice I.P Mukerjee, whose son Vinayak was a student here for several years. Justice Mukherjee was welcomed on stage by students who presented him with flowers and a token gift.

In his speech Justice Mukerjee spoke warmly about the school’s success in inculcating love of subjects taught, and spoke of many distinguished alumni. He also commended the high academic achievements of our students this year, foremost among whom is Anusha Lihala who has stood first in India in A Level examinations; a proud moment for Anusha, her parents and for all of us at TCS, as Mrs Chaudhary pointed out when she announced the prizes.

The announcements for special cash prizes sponsored by parents and guardians for our richlydeserving students drew warm responses as they exhibited the generosity of the donors.

The coveted TCS scholarships were also announced. This year’s winners – Suranjan Bhattacharjee & Amisha Jodhani in Class X, and Suchetana Sengupta, Napassorn Nawongwiwat & Young Kwang Ham at A Levels – were then awarded their plaques amid great applause.

Prizes were also awarded to students who have been placed first, second and third in school examinations in Classes 5-10 and top scorers in individual subjects at A Levels.

Then it was time for Alice and her journey into wonderland—a marvelous medley of music, dance and play-acting. Alice meets many creatures who can sing, talk and dance but she does not find them unusual at all. The foot-tapping music rising above the booming voice of the maniacal queen in the land of cards create magic on stage as our troupe of talented youngsters surround the stage and take everyone to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. So Alice lives on and wanders in wonderland in a spirit of joie de vivre.

The curtains then came down on another spectacular show. We thank all members of the TCS community for the tremendous effort made to make this year’s Winterfest as roaring a success as it has been.

19th January 2015 :

The Cambridge School Sports Day was held on January 16, 2015. It was a cool and bright day and the excitement on the grounds was palpable.

Mrs Sunita Chowdhary, Principal, opened the proceedings with a short speech.

This was followed by the Junior and Middle schools showcasing three drill displays by Classes I and II, Classes III, IV and V and finally Classes VI and VII. The theme running through them all was physical fitness. The coordination by all the pupils was excellent with hand, legs and bodies moving in unison.

The Junior and Middle School ‘fun’ races followed with Class I running to dress for winter, Class II balancing marble on spoons, Classes III and IV boys hopping with their balls and Classes III and IV girls gathering ice-cream sticks.

The Primary School, Classes Nursery, Lower and Upper Kindergarten, was the show stopper, as usual. The well-developed movements of the toddlers was seen to be believed.

Classes V, VI and VII, both boys and girls, ran sprints or ‘flat’ races after the primary drill display. They did this well. They were able to cover the stipulated distance at a good speed.

At this point the Senior School, Classes VIII, IX and X, started with their ‘fun’ races, boys wearing their jackets and girls threading their needles. This was followed by sprints ending with an inter-class relay. Surprisingly it was not Class X but Class IX who were the winners of the inter-class relay.

The ‘A’ level students, AS and A2, Classes XI and XII, followed the Seniors with their ‘fun’ races, boys wearing their jackets and girls walking backwards. The upper school students also ran sprints followed by an inter-class relay.

The last item on the programme was a football match between the AS and A2 students. This is an annual feature and has established itself as a Cambridge School tradition. It was a six-a-side match which was keenly contested with both sides injecting considerable energy and expertise into the match. The game was won by A2, 1-0, on a penalty shoot-out.

The morning passed quickly and pleasantly. There was good cheer and camaraderie all around with all sections of the school enjoying themselves immensely. Sports Day was a well-organised and enjoyable event.

1st Decemeber 2014 :

The Cambridge School Winterfest was held on November 29, 2014. It was that time of the year again when students and teachers came together to present a rich medley of performances. The theme this year was Mythology and Classics, presented through a number of songs and colourful dances.

The curtain went up punctually at 5 pm amidst breathless expectations from parents, their wards and guests. The auditorium was, as usual filled to capacity.

It began with the Principal, Mrs Sunita Chowdhary’s inaugural address welcoming the chief guest. She also informed the audience about the change in our academic calendar this year and spoke about the high achievements of some of our students.

The Chief Guest this year was Mrs Monideepa Banerjie the veteran journalist and a TCS parent. Tvisha of class 8 presented flowers to her while Napassorn of Class 10 presented her with a gift. In her address Mrs Banerjie laid emphasis on our methods of teaching and was all praise for the school.

Prizes and scholarships were then distributed to deserving students. The Cambridge Brilliance Awards for India-toppers were received by Anusha Lihala for Computing and Subhalakshmi Basu for History this year.

The Junior School, Classes Nursery to III, presented Roma – the story of Romulus and Remus – founders of the city of Rome.

Classes IV to VII’s presented Troy – which showed scenes from the Trojan War.

The next ones to take the stage were Classes VIII, IX and X. They presented ‘Candle Yin’ – important events in Chinese mythology.

The evening concluded with the the AS and A2 classes presenting an adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and a short skit on Martial Arts.

They also presented a variety of innovative dances. The dances were choreographed by the students themselves.

The enthusiasm, zeal as well as skills which were on display found instant response among the audience. The applause was deafening.

The curtains came down on another spectacular show by the hugely talented teams of TCS.

The high achievement would not have been possible without the collective effort of all concerned. We look forward to a repeat next year confident of even greater height of excellence.