Class Fee Admission Fee Monthly Tuition
Nursery 22500 3480
KG 22500 3480
I 22500 3480
II 20000 4380
III 20000 4380
IV 20000 4380
V 20000 5580
VI 20000 5580
VII 20000 5580
VIII 17500 7080
IX 17500 7080
X No new admissions 7080
XI 17500 7080
XII No new admissions 7080

Other Fees:

A. Session Fees of Rs. 1,200/= payable twice in a year in April and October for all classes.

B. ESL fees have been abolished and are no longer payable from 01 April 2016.

Fees include the cost of all textbooks and exercise books.  Fees once paid are not refundable.

These fees do not include fees for Cambridge board examinations at Classes X, XI & XII.  These fees vary every year depending on fees set by CIE, administration costs and the foreign exchange rate.  Please contact school office for latest examination fees.

Contact Us
7 & 7/1 Satyendra Nath Majumder Sarani,
Calcutta 700 026,
Phone: 82320 42019, 4004 2701
Email: info@thecambridgeschool.ac.in
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NOTICE: GUARDIANS OF CLASSES 3 TO 10:   The school proposes to offer Contemporary and Creative Dancing as a co-curricular activity, if at least 15 students are interested.   Th
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