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The Cambridge School recognises the current and future role of digital literacy in our education, career and life. We have therefore created our inschool Computer Centre with a bank of computers, printers, scanners, other accessories and peripherals to assist students’ curricular as well as cocurricular activities. The Centre is available to students for both curricular and cocurricular activities, with web on tap but monitored.

With an eye on the future lives of our students and the work-environments of tomorrow, we lay particular emphasis on the intelligent and exhaustive use of IT in education. Apart from being a separate academic course, IT is widely deployed across the board and integrated in the teaching of many subjects.

Computing is also offered as an academic subject at both IGCSE and A Levels. TCS students have the distinction of being one of the first communities to have their school magazine online.

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7 & 7/1 Satyendra Nath Majumder Sarani,
Calcutta 700 026,
Phone: 82320 42019, 4004 2701
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