The Cambridge School aims to contribute to society through the pursuit of education and learning at the highest international levels of excellence.

We offer an education that:

  • encourages a questioning spirit,
  • extends the range of academic subjects in all major subject groups,
  • provides quality and depth across all such subjects,
  • flourishes from the inter-relationship between teaching and scholarship, and enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.

The Cambridge School is designed to nurture the mental, emotional, cognitive, rational and social development of a child right from the preliminary stages of life. This enables them to mould their growing minds to pursue higher studies easily. Those who want to build careers, do well in IIT/JEE tests, wish to study or work abroad at some stage, and are interested in acquiring an education based on knowledge, not mere information, can do so through this esteemed institute of education.

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7 & 7/1 Satyendra Nath Majumder Sarani,
Calcutta 700 026,
Phone: 82320 42019, 4004 2701
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NOTICE: GUARDIANS OF CLASSES 3 TO 10:   The school proposes to offer Contemporary and Creative Dancing as a co-curricular activity, if at least 15 students are interested.   Th
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The Cambridge School recruits gifted teachers when vacancies arise. If
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