• A society can only prosper and grow through education. And education is how The Cambridge School aims to contribute to society.  By pursuing education and learning at the highest international levels of excellence, we attempt to give back to society.

    At The Cambridge School, the education imparted

    • Is holistic and ensures complete personality development
    • encourages a questioning spirit,
    • extends the range of academic subjects in all major subject groups,
    • provides quality and depth across all such subjects,
    • flourishes from the inter-relationship between teaching and scholarship, and enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.

    Forward thinking characterises the learning process at The Cambridge School. By nurturing the mental, emotional, cognitive, rational and social development of a child right from the start, he or she is given the ability to mold his or her growing mind to pursue higher studies easily. This is ideal for students aiming to build careers, do well in IIT/JEE tests, wishing to study or work abroad at some stage, and those interested in acquiring an education based on knowledge, not mere information. In our endeavour to ensure complete personality development, we also actively encourage students to engage in various co-curricular activities. All this is is true to our adage of Roots & Wings wherein we strengthen the foundation of our students to enable them to fly higher.