The school-leaving A Level qualifications are widely accepted in India for the purpose of admission to Indian colleges and universities, as well as meeting eligibility criteria for competitive exams like the Joint Entrance Test.  To name a few, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), St Stephen’s College, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) and National Law Institute University recognize A Levels and hold them at par with Indian qualifications for meeting eligibility conditions.

A full list of Indian institutes that accept Cambridge qualifications can be downloaded from http://www.cambridgeinternational.org/images/301400-india-recognition-statements-as-level.pdf

TCS students are routinely admitted to several reputed institutes of higher learning in India like Calcutta, Jadavpur and Presidency Universities as well as St. Xavier’s. Loreto and Shri Shikhayatan Colleges in Kolkata.  Students have also pursued successful academic careers in various colleges and universities across the country in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi.

The A Levels are particularly useful for students who wish to pursue their college education abroad since these qualifications lead to course-credits, scholarships – even full scholarships of 100% for very bright students – and solid foundations for university educations.  Our students have pursued their college educations at, among other places, London School of Economics , Imperial College and University of Cambridge  in the UK as well as the Universities of Chicago, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Rutgers and Knox, Wooster and Claremont Colleges in the US.  Shrinking the world while expanding possibilities, colleges and universities in Canada, Australia, China and Singapore have also admitted many of our students.