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  • It is skill based. It aims at developing skills such as thinking independently and logically, analysing and grasping concepts, expressing and communicating confidently and effectively.
  • This leads to academic development. Students learn but more important, they learn how to learn…this is of enduring value in their career and life.
  • It lays emphasis on creative and analytical approaches that enable one to apply conceptual expertise in problem solving. A problem can and usually does have many solutions just like an issue can have multiple perspectives. Students are encouraged to explore all and cope with intellectual challenges.
  • It encourages independence of views and the strong conviction to stand by those. Develops enquiring, challenging minds rather than spawn accepting minds.
  • It encourages a strong value based moral code and work ethic that facilitates the acquisition of advanced inferential, interpretational, creative and co-relational skills.
  • It motivates students to face competition with confidence, debate and argue fluently and helps them to strike a balance between ambition and capability.
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7 & 7/1 Satyendra Nath Majumder Sarani,
Calcutta 700 026,
Phone: 82320 42019, 4004 2701
Email: info@thecambridgeschool.ac.in
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NOTICE: GUARDIANS OF CLASSES 3 TO 10:   The school proposes to offer Contemporary and Creative Dancing as a co-curricular activity, if at least 15 students are interested.   Th
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The Cambridge School recruits gifted teachers when vacancies arise. If
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